Christmas + historic homes = a perfect catalog

Have you been receiving 100 holiday catalogs in the mail lately? I have. Not that I’m complaining—I love poring over the pictures and scheming about how I can get the look (and maybe get it for less).

So when the Frontgate holiday catalog arrived, I was eager to take a look but had no idea what I was in for. It was amazing! The catalog featured several historic homes dressed to the nines for the holidays. Here are a few pics:

This house is straight out of fairyland. I want to buy all that evergreen garland and line my eaves with it too.

This white house is so stately and festive with traditional red and green décor.

What could be more perfect at Christmastime than a red house? Nothing.

Here’s a stairway dreams are made of (though the garland is a little much for my taste). If you look closely, you can tell this is an old house (probably the white house above) because the paint isn’t perfect where the white millwork meets up with the stained base. 

I took a look at Frontgate’s Instagram account and saw that using historic homes for their holiday shoots is nothing new. Here are a few images they’ve used in the past:

Here’s a photo without a crease down the center of the amazing Tudor revival.

A better view of the red house

These photos are so beautiful they make me want to sell a kidney on the black market so I can afford ALL the decorations. I’ve got Christmas on the brain in a bad way this year.

Tell me, do you buy new Christmas décor every year? Do your kids get new ornaments? Or do you like the idea of bringing out the same sentimental stuff every year? •

All images via Frontgate catalog or Frontgate’s Instagram account.



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