A quick review of Magnolia’s Hearth & Hand

Bright and early Monday morning, I stopped by Target when it opened and pretty much ran to the Hearth & Hand aisles. The stuff on the shelves was beautiful for sure, and I wanted to share some of the highlights and lowlights of the line.


First, I was disappointed there wasn’t more product available at our local store. I was especially excited to look at the garlands because I’m trying to find some good faux ones this year. But there were no garlands at all, and when I asked if there might be some in the back, the employee told me the store received one garland. One! And it had sold the day before when the line launched.

There were no rugs and none of the big glass jugs/vases. In looking at the entire line on Target’s website, it looks like our store carried much less than half the available product. Target, please send more stuff to southeast Idaho!

Garlands aside, so many products were especially pretty in real life. This wreath is just a knock out, and so are these plaid poofs—a pair would look really great under a console table.

This wreath hanger with the little bell is sweet and festive and only costs $10. I also loved the wrapping papers and the small decorative bell below.

Natural fibers always look richest, and these cream pillows with cute green tassels would be over-the-top darling if made from cotton or wool instead of cheap acrylic. I think I speak for everyone when I say I’d rather pay a little extra for a well-made, long-lasting pillow than get a cheap, short-lived thrill from a pillow that’s going to pill in no time. The other pillows were made from a wool blend and cotton, so if you’re in the market for pillows, check out those ones.

The other product that surprised me was the glassware. I was hoping the glasses would be nice and heavy, but I’d say they were more like a five on a scale of one to ten—not terribly thin but unlikely to survive the holiday season in my house.

One of the best products of all was this sugared-birch candle that smells like heaven, and I love how the entire line sticks with a strict color scheme of green, black, and white (perfectly Jo-Jo, wouldn’t you say?). I also love how classy the Christmas decor is.

What do you think about the Hearth & Hand products? If you bought something, what did you buy and why? •

Shop all Hearth & Hand products here


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