Kitchen design plan

We are nearing the completion of our kitchen (yay!), so I wanted to share the design plan for the space. I wanted this room to feel cozy, happy, and consistent with the age of the home, so those qualities dictated all the decisions in finishes and cabinetry.

Here’s a quick idea of where we’re headed:

1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8

We’ll have patterned tile (ours is yellow, not blue) behind the kitchen sink and open shelving with sconces—no upper cabinets. Schoolhouse pendants will hang over the island. The oven will be in a niche with patterned tile in the back. The pantry will have kind of a British Colonial style, but most of our cabinets will be super-simple inset doors and drawers. The island has a slatted shelf on the bottom with a butcher-block top, and the paint on the walls is Sherwin-Williams Alabaster.

And for the breakfast nook:

1 . 2 . 3

You’ve already seen the bench in our breakfast nook, but I’m looking forward to adding seat cushions too. That pendant is enormous and should light one heck of a big table. I am crazy about florals on black backgrounds, and Lynne Millar’s are among the best.

Things will start wrapping up in one week, and I’ll have some “after” photos to share then. •

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