PSA: Save a million dollars on paint

My brother-in-law Jeff at his and Olivia’s paint party a few months ago.

Okay, the title for this post is a stretch, but Sherwin-Williams is offering 40 percent off paint and 30 percent off paint supplies through the end of today. Now’s the time to stock up if you’ve got a painting project this summer.

Don’t know what color you want? No problem. SW will let you buy the paint, then bring it back (with receipt) to be tinted at no additional cost once you’ve pinned down the color(s).

That means we just bought 40 gallons of paint for our place and will have it tinted once our paint guy figures out how many gallons of each shade we will need. But since we bought it now, we saved more than $900. That’ll buy me a lot of dresses and shoes, people!

One quick tip from my contractor: If you’re going to be matching colors—say, Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter in a Sherwin-Williams base—buy a higher-quality SW paint so it will match the color better. This sale allows you to get better paint for less money, so it’s a win-win.

Now go forth and shop, and happy painting! •

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