Podcast review: God Centered Mom


Last summer I discovered the God Centered Mom Podcast. Hosted by Heather MacFadyen, photographed above and a mother of four boys, the podcast’s purpose is to invite a Godlike perspective into our parenting (and to provide tools for doing just that—yay for practicality!).

The podcast is non-denominational, but the basic assumption is that listeners are people of faith trying to do their best to improve their parenting skills. Each episode runs about 50 minutes, a good length for listening during a longer run or a longer chore like folding laundry.

The topics include talking about sex with our kids, establishing Christmas traditions with little ones, dealing with feelings of isolation or being “left out,” raising boys, raising girls, and resolving sibling conflict. Even though the range of topics is vast, the relevance for today’s families is obvious. Almost always, experts are part of the conversations too.

I’m eager to listen to the most recent episode about pornography—how to avoid it and how to break free of it. As a mom of boys (yes, I know girls view it too), this is an issue I particularly worry about.

You can listen from MacFadyen’s blog or subscribe on iTunes. If you check it out, let me know what you think. And if it’s a helpful resource for you, spread the word. Whenever we can find uplifting sources for women today, we ought to share them, right?

Also, what are your favorite podcasts lately? •

One thought

  1. Ever since you told me about her podcasts, I’ve been listening to her. So many great topics! I need to listen again though; it has been awhile.


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