Fidget spinners for those who like to move

Last week I wrote about multiple intelligences and mentioned kinesthetic learners, or those who learn best while moving. So it was serendipitous that after reading this post from Design Mom, I saw in the comments a teacher named Grace who mentioned having a classroom set of fidget spinners for her kinesthetic learners.

These were new to me, but basically a fidget spinner is a handheld toy that spins. That’s all. You hold onto the center and spin the thing.

About the same time I read about these toys, my son started talking about how “everybody has a fidget spinner,” and since he had a buddy with a birthday party coming up, we bought one for a gift. And man, I couldn’t believe how many people were in the store buying them! I’m not just talking about parents with their kids—20-something guys were stocking up. And now my son has one too.

According to an article from Time, the purpose of these toys is to “help the user to stop fidgeting and focus better.” Their makers claim they are especially helpful for dealing with stress, anxiety, ADHD, and autism, the article notes.

Before you buy, beware: Not all teachers are allowing these in the classroom because in spite of the quest to help with focus, some say they are actually a distraction to those spinning and those watching. But if you’ve got a child who could benefit from a fidget spinner, whether at school or while watching a ballgame or sitting in church, it’s a quick and inexpensive tool to try. •

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