DIY ties for spring and summer

Because I’m a masochist, I decided to make ties for all my boys (husband included) for Easter. And I started the project two days before Sunday. But I found a great online tutorial that looked more professional than sewing a tube of fabric and turning it right side out.

The tutorial I used was easy to follow, and the only hassle was printing out the free PDF pattern as an engineering print—it was too big to print on a home printer, but those more tech savvy than I am might know how to tile-print it.

That kid on the bottom left was being pretty squirrelly, but I guess it worked out because you can see the contrasting point on the back of his tie. I used this fabric for both points of the tie and the keeper loop too. 

My ties aren’t perfect, but they’re still fun. My only suggestion is to double-check the length of the tie on the pattern compared to the length of ties your husband or son likes to wear. I know shorter ties are becoming en vogue, but Lonnie and I are in our mid-30s, so he likes the point of his tie to reach just a smidge past the top of his pants’ waistband. I wish I would have made his a couple inches longer.

Wedding season is almost upon us, and if you’re going to be celebrating someone’s special day, making custom ties is a fun way to dress up the boys in your family. For a richer look, choose a silky or linen fabric and steer clear of cotton.

Happy sewing! •


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