Go ahead, Trump. Prove us wrong

Donald Trump


All right, Mr. Trump, you scored enough electoral-college votes to become president-elect. Congratulations. Now for everyone who didn’t vote for you and for the people who held their noses while they did, please feel free to prove us wrong.

Prove us wrong for concluding that you’re a misogynist, as far back as February when you encouraged a supporter to continue calling Ted Cruz a “pussy” at your rally and as recently as last month when the Access Hollywood video showed you gloating about groping whomever you want because you’re famous. Prove us wrong for being uncomfortable when you attacked debate moderator Megyn Kelly, claiming that she asked the debate questions she did because “blood was coming out of her … wherever.”

Prove us wrong for assuming you’re racist after you determined a federal judge—who happened to be Latino—couldn’t be impartial about a lawsuit involving your questionable Trump University because he was a Mexican and you’re “strong on the border.” Prove us wrong for feeling nervous after your bold, broad-strokes call for “total and complete shutdown of Muslims” entering the United States.

Prove us wrong by discontinuing your use of the archaic adverb “bigly.” Prove us wrong by never tweeting again.

Prove us wrong by selecting qualified individuals for your cabinet—and by actually listening to and taking their advice.

Prove us wrong for being afraid to have your temper and your finger on the nuclear button. Prove us wrong by ceasing to run your mouth right into the gutter and worse.

Prove us wrong for determining that you are a bad role model for our kids by showing us that your bullying, swearing, unfaithfulness, and sexual references were just temporary lapses in judgment.

The media was wrong. The polls were wrong. And you, Mr. Trump, were wrong. Now it’s your turn to prove us wrong too.

Do it. •



2 thoughts

  1. He’s already tweeted about the protestors saying they were paid by the media. Not citizens who want to have their voices heard and closure in a close election.


    1. Ugh. Sounds like we’re off to a bumpy start. This is exactly what I meant when I said I hope he gets quality advisors who teach him how to be presidential and that he actually takes their advice and runs with it.


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