The family yearbook: an easy way to document all the photos

kids and family yearbook

A couple years ago I realized I’d gotten so far behind on scrapbooking that I’d never catch up. I had thousands of photos of my cute kids, never printed and sitting on my hard drive. What a waste.

I gave up on the dream of creating separate scrapbooks for each of my kids. Instead, I started making family yearbooks on Shutterfly—one big book full of photos shot each calendar year. My kids adore these books and spend hours looking at the photos and talking about their memories. So far I’ve printed two, and I just ordered the third as a Christmas gift for the kids.

This is not a sponsored post, and there are other sites out there for creating scrapbooks. But here are the reasons I love Shutterfly:

shutterfly spread

  • Shutterfly allows you to choose a style, so all templates have the same feel and font for a professional look. Upload your photos, select a layout for each page, place your photos, and move on to the next page. But if you don’t want to lay out your pages, you can select an option that flows photos onto the pages without you touching them. Pretty slick.
  • These books can hold a lot of pages. The style I chose maxed out at 111 pages, and that makes for a pretty substantial book.


  • Coffee-table-sized books are available. Our books are 12 inches square, so the photos inside are quite large. Even for photos shot with your old phone or camera, the quality is surprisingly good.
  • Shutterfly stores your photos and books online. If your book gets damaged, you can reprint one without recreating it. If your hard drive crashes, your photos are backed up online. That also means if you want to make copies for your kids someday, they’re easy to order.
  • The best part is that I put together these yearbooks in as little as a week’s worth of free time. That means within 10 hours, I had documented an entire year’s worth of photos.

One more thing: When ordering, don’t skimp out on the cover. It’s worth spending the extra $10 for the matte finish because it’s classier than its shiny counterpart.

If this whole family-yearbook thing appeals to you, start watching the site for promotions. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to get your book for 50 percent off.

How do you scrapbook? What are your tips for keeping up with Are you planning any sentimental presents for your kids this Christmas? Do share! •




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