The quick and dirty on front-door colors: an observation


green door

The other day my sister and I were talking about color and front doors. Choosing the right shade seems to be a pretty difficult task, but when you nail it, your curb appeal skyrockets.

I’m not a designer, but in my casual analysis of “good” front doors, I’ve noticed one consistency: The colors are muddy.

Front doors that are easy on the eyes tend to have a brown, gray, or maybe green undertone. None of them (with the exception of a true red) seem to be pure colors. Instead, pure colors come off as garish.

Let’s take orange, for instance. Here’s a house with a good-looking orange front door:


It’s dark and a little bit muddy, but it still reads as orange.

Maybe this is why Farrow & Ball colors are so popular—they are complex, and the undertones are hard to pin down.





So go with dirty or muddy and get a color that appeals to the masses. Or choose the color you love best and don’t worry what anyone else thinks. Because I definitely can’t argue that the saturated color on the door below looks bad—it’s one of my favorites of all time.

Virginia City door

That’s it for Friday. Catch you next week! •

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