For fall: windowpane plaid

Plaid is everywhere, and even though it’s trendy, it’s no doubt timeless too. Lately I’m especially loving windowpane plaids for fall décor:





(P.S. One of the best places to shop for plaid wool blankets is estate sales.)



The above photo comes from one of my all-time favorite home tours. It’s worth clicking on the link and taking a look.



plaid chair

I’m a lover of plaid, and it’s hard for me to keep my plaids to a minimum. But Ralph Lauren I ain’t, so I don’t feel comfortable with several plaids in the same room. I had this midcentury chair reupholstered in a Robert Allen print, and it’s the star of the living room. But a windowpane plaid would play well with my blue chair and feed my need for MORE PLAID.

Are you a lover of plaid too? What’s your favorite plaid find? And what color combinations do you love best? I love a classic red tartan, but the famous Burberry plaid is pretty fabulous too. •

2 thoughts

  1. Your chair is amazing! I have always loved the classic red tartan for accessorizing, a table runner, or a throw. Love your posts, keep them coming!


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