Four must-see stops at Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a great destination for a family vacation. It’s our family’s favorite place, and it’s easy to see why. Hello, lover.



We lived in Reno during my husband’s pharmacy rotations, and our little family spent a lot of time at nearby Lake Tahoe. Going back this summer was a total treat, and we loved revisiting our favorite spots.

To be honest, the lake deserves most your time. The water is peacock blue and shallow enough for little ones to wade for about 50 yards from the shore. Here are a few sites worth seeing if you head to northwest Nevada or northern California this summer:


Sand Harbor: Hands down, this is the top beach. The sand is so fine and the pine trees are so thick—it’s like Yellowstone meets Hawaii. Park entrance costs $10, but arrive early because once the parking lot is full, you’re out of luck. If you get hungry, check out the Char Pit on site for burgers and fries. For a fun souvenir, stuff a bag full of massive pine cones or preserved driftwood.

photo 1

photo 2

Kings Beach: Another great beach for families. This one also has a sandy beach and lots of boulders for climbing and crawdad catching. A playground is situated a few yards from the beach, so kids have options for play. Parking here also costs $10, but if the lot is full, you can park on a nearby street and walk in—that’s not an option at Sand Harbor because it’s located right off the highway and because walking in is prohibited.


The Log Cabin: The best breakfast place out there. It’s not cheap, but the food is high quality and hearty. Try the lemon-poppy-seed waffle or one of the scramble-ins with chorizo. For the kids, the Mickey Mouse pancake is a hit, and it’s huge—three full pancakes.


Emerald Bay and Vikingsholm: This is my favorite site and gets a post all its own later this week. But there’s a sneak peak above.

As far as places to stay, our family booked a condo through VRBO. We ended up in a three-level place with two bunkbeds, so my kids were in heaven. Vacasa manages the property and sends in a cleaning service after checkout—yay for no deep cleaning to end our vacation! I highly recommend renting a little house if you can because hotels are so hard when you have more than two kids.

Been to Lake Tahoe yourself? What are your favorite sites?


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