How to host a big ol’ breakfast



Before our very first Fourth of July breakfast, my husband Lonnie and I were flying by the seat of our pants. We had never fed a crowd before, we had no idea how to estimate the amounts of food to buy, and timing all the cooking? Forget it. We didn’t have a clue.

Now that we’ve held our annual breakfast five times, we are figuring things out. Here are a few tips that would’ve helped us the first time around and might help you plan your own morning bash:




• If you’re serving eggs, plan on two per person—it seems skimpy, but it’s just about perfect. Our favorite way to make them is in a huge camping wok (pictured above) that’ll truly cook 20 dozen eggs at a time. One more secret: Drop in a few healthy dollops of sour cream the last minute or so for silky-smooth scrambled eggs.

• For bacon, two strips per person is enough.

• Serve a variety of foods. Our favorites include sausage, bacon, eggs, grapes, blueberries, raspberries, watermelon, orange juice, milk, buttermilk syrup, maple syrup, and (new this year) French-toast sticks. That way people who eat healthy have sufficient options, and those who prefer a greasy-spoon kind of breakfast get what they want too.

• Serve the best syrup. I always make this recipe—no better syrup exists. I could eat that stuff on a hot dog. It tastes good on everything and is simple to make.

• For the first four years I made a million pancakes the day before, then reheated them the morning of the Fourth. This year I tried French-toast sticks, and I got loads of positive feedback. They also spared me about two hours of pancake flipping over a hot frying pan—bonus!

• Buy all the paper products the week before. That’s also a good time to wash and iron tablecloths, make a list of guests, and send invites.

• Buy yourself the cutest festive apron you can. That way you’ll feel cute even if you’re splattered with grease. And remember to enjoy the day!


One thought

  1. So many great tips! I love the ideas of doing things ahead of time. The food all sounds and looks amazing, too. This makes me want to host a big breakfast!


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