Fourth of July—our biggest holiday


Move over, Christmas, because at the Pyper household, the Fourth of July is tops.

When we bought our house in 2012, the fact that it was situated on the Fourth of July parade route was a major selling point—the fact that it was on the shady side of the street was a bonus.

That first year was pretty much a blur. We closed on our house July 2, then turned around and hosted our first Fourth of July breakfast two days later, our new-old home filled with unopened boxes but our kitchen full of food.





We’ve grown that breakfast every year, and yesterday we hosted 143 of the people we love the most. Friends, family, and a few strangers (no lie) stopped by in their patriotic finest to eat a meal and watch the parade.




My grandpa served in World War II, and he instilled in all of us Longs a fierce pride for the USA. He was a naval medic, and while he didn’t share details about the gore he saw, we knew wartime wasn’t a piece of cake. He did tell us, however, about fights on the ship and eating pancakes with weevils still wriggling inside. He told us how he ironed officers’ uniforms to make a few extra bucks that he always sent home to his mama. He was the best, and I always miss him most this time of year.

So in honor of my sweet Grandpa Cliff and every veteran, let me offer a hearty THANK YOU for preserving the freedoms that make it possible for me to host a huge party in my front yard whenever I darn well feel like it. God bless you, and God bless America.

Be sure to check back this week for a few tried-and-true tips for hosting your own big breakfast.


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