Mark your calendar! Historic Homes for the Holidays tour coming soon

Hi, friends. I am working hard to pull together the second Historic Homes for the Holidays tour with a lineup of 10 houses you haven’t seen before, and I couldn’t be more excited. The tour is scheduled for Dec. 6 and 7, and you will not want to miss it. (For info on last year’s tour, click here.)

Today is your chance to nominate a home you think should be included in the tour. I am not looking for your dream list of houses; rather, I want those of you with beautiful old houses (or those of you who know someone willing to open his or her home) to share a few details with me as I finalize the roster.

Here’s the information I’m after:

  • Homeowner name(s)
  • Year of construction (I hope to include only houses built before 1940)
  • Home style
  • Original features
  • Additions (as in additions built onto the original house)
  • Why would this home show well?

Please email your nomination to and attach a house photo.

Thanks in advance for your help, and I look forward to seeing you in December. •

One thought

  1. Is there a holiday home tour planned for 2022? We live in Utah and make a trip out of it and look forward to it! Thanks!


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