Why everyone building a house should hit antique stores for lights

Lighting makes a dramatic impact on the feel and aesthetics of your house, but nice fixtures can be pricey. Especially when you’re building a new house with 40 or so fixtures, lights quickly eat up a lot of the budget. But the secret to finding classic fixtures at sweet prices is as simple as visiting your local antique store.

On Saturday I visited a few of my favorite antique and vintage shops in Pocatello. In one store I found a few very interesting (and tempting) light fixtures someone should go buy RIGHT NOW.

First up: these amazing reeded-glass pendants. I didn’t measure, but they’ve got to be about 18 inches in diameter, and they looks surprisingly similar to these lights from Rejuvenation (a beautiful light source if you have the money or want to splurge, like I did for my kitchen pendants):

Price per light:

Rejuvenation: $399

Antique store: $150. Someone go buy these before I do.

Close by were these porcelain gooseneck lights in kelly green. I can imagine these on the exterior of so.many.different styles of houses. They look a lot like these, also from Rejuvenation:

Cost for these?

Rejuvenation: $219 each

Antique store: $96 apiece

I bought this adorable vintage shade at a garage sale for a quarter many years ago. When we remodeled, I simply bought a light kit that fit the opening on the shade, and my electrician did the rest. I could have spent $100 for a similar new light.

And even though this isn’t a light, I wanted to spread the word that the exact same sinks I have in our Jack-and-Jill bath are being sold in a Pocatello antique store for $36. Here’s how ours look today:

Now, go forth and shop! Don’t restrict yourself to all things new because one-of-a-kind treasures are what makes a house feel special and unique. •

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