My tried-and-true products for keeping furniture fresh

When you have kids, things get beat up. Actually, when you don’t have kids, things lose their luster with regular use. But I rely on three go-to products to refresh furniture that’s seen better days. And no, this is not an ad—just favorite products I use all the time.

First up: Restor-A-Finish. This stuff erases superficial scratches and makes wood tones feel warmer. I use it on my piano and on the credenza behind my sofa—the veneer on the credenza shows scratches easily, but they disappear when I rub this on.

Second: Feed-N-Wax. You know how your dining table starts to look dry after washing it over and over again with a hot, soapy rag? This stuff is like magic. It hydrates wood and helps eliminate rings from water glasses. Thanks to beeswax and orange oil, it smells like heaven too.

Last: Citrus Shield Premium Paste Wax. This wax is such a good protective finish for wood pieces you’d rather not stain. I’ve used in on a little table to keep the natural tone and on my dining chairs to protect the white paint. I love that it doesn’t leave any real sheen once buffed but has a nice matte finish. It also smells like heaven.

One more quick tip: I apply all these products with an old sock—slip my hand inside, wipe away, then toss afterwards.

Tell me, what products do you love for furniture care and restoration? I didn’t even realize before I shot this photo that all these products are produced by a company named Howard, so bravo, Howard, for producing such a lovely line. •

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