The quickest upgrade to an old desk

Happy Friday! Today I’m sharing a quick upgrade to any tired desk or table you might have.

Seven years ago, my oldest started kindergarten, and I wanted to fix up a little homework area for him. My mother-in-law found this tiny desk, and I loved it.

I have given it a facelift a few times using this simple approach:

  • Find something lovely that’s printed on paper.
  • Place it on the desktop where you’d like it to stay.
  • Cover the desktop with a piece of glass cut to fit.

Well, that wasn’t rocket science, but it sure is a fun way to change up a desk in less than one minute. In the past we had vintage math flashcards under the glass, and now that the desk is in my daughter’s room, we used pages cut from an old calendar of flowers.

By the way, glass is such a great surface for a kid’s desk. When it gets dirty, you simply Windex it clean. No biggie. And getting a piece cut to fit a desk is surprisingly inexpensive.

Awhile back, I told you I was sprucing up my own desk area. I’ll have photos of that next week. Hope you have a great weekend! •

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