Tour tickets on sale now!

  • This event has ended. Thanks for the support!

Today is a big day, one I’ve been looking forward to for months.

Tickets for the Historic Homes for the Holidays tour are now available for purchase. Click here for info.

Please plan to attend this event. It benefits such a wonderful cause, and it’ll introduce you to a dozen historic homes, each one well loved and well maintained.

And today I’d also like to introduce the final home added to the tour. Meet Betty Jo:

This house is unique in that it’s a preservation—that means the kitchen and main-floor bath were never torn out and have been lovingly restored to look as they did many, many years ago (read her story here). It’s one of the most inspiring homes I’ve been in, and I hope you’ll get to meet the homeowners while you’re in their house.

In fact, all the homeowners will be in their homes to answer questions and meet visitors during the tour. These are warm, generous people, and I’m confident you’ll just love them and their homes.

So please go order your tickets! I look forward to meeting you soon. •

10 thoughts

  1. I am hoping to be apart of the historic homes for the holidays next year. What criteria would my home need to meet in order to join in.


    1. I would love to talk to you about your house! The homes on the tour are well kept inside and out and built in the 1940s or earlier. They are all different styles and beautiful in their own way. When you stop by my house on the tour, please introduce yourself and let’s talk.


  2. Question on the tour – is this a go on your own tour or guided tour? Not sure what time my husband will be off work so we want to be abke to go when/where we can .


  3. I am very excited for the tour, but cannot seem to get a hold of my tickets…I have emailed Eventbrite 2 times, the money was withdrawn from my account, but no email, and no tickets in the Eventbrite app, can you help?


    1. Yes, I can! I found your ticket order and noticed that you used a different email account to comment here than you did when you ordered tickets. So I thought I’d try to forward your ticket confirmation to the email address you used here. If that doesn’t work, send me a note at Thanks!


    1. When you buy a ticket, either online or in person, you’ll receive a list of addresses right on the ticket. I didn’t want to publish the addresses on the blog to protect homeowners’ privacy as much as possible.


  4. Thanks for you and all of the home owners that generously opened their homes. Not only was it a pleasure to enjoy lost craftsmanship but to also see and catch up with neighbors. It felt a little like adult trick or treating. So many giggling grandmas and smiling faces as people walked around. Society has become so car dependant that I feel like I rarely run into neighbors on the street, and that was nice today.


  5. I just wanted to hop on here and tell you about our experience with the tour! My hubby and I are millennials who bought our first house on Water Ave. We thought it would be like Fixer Upper. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. Nope. We found out owning an old house was not an HGTV fairy tale. One of our bigger problems was our radiant heat system. After freezing our bums off last winter, we were afraid we would never be able to get it fixed. We had multiple companies take a look at our asbestos covered boiler and they all told us fixing or replacing it would be impossible. We went on the tour and we were ecstatic when we felt the old radiators in some of the houses on the numbered streets that were the same style as ours…AND THEY WERE WARM! We asked the owners about their heating and they directed us to Stephanie and Bill in the Betty Jo house. They gave us such great advice, the number to their go-to boiler/radiator guy, and showed us how they refinished the floors. We made new friends and found a community of Old-House loving people! Thank you for organizing this tour. Fingers crossed that our 1915 stick-victorian can join in on the fun next year if you do it again! -Shania and Carson


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