A shot of inspiration: Digital prints on plywood

One of the coolest features in the Tillamook Creamery was the oversized digital images printed on huge sheets of plywood. I’d never seen anything like this before—the juxtaposition of huge art with a little rusticity was novel and perfect for a museum about dairy farming. The two men standing below the plywood image give you an idea about the size of the plywood image.

I looked online for similar projects and found hardly anything. Which makes me like the idea even more because the market isn’t saturated with it. But here’s one other project:


Prints on plywood would be perfect in an events center with large, empty spaces. Rather than framed art, the image could fill the entire wall. And when you’re close to the wall and can’t see the entire image, you see the beautiful wood grain. Such a great idea. Here’s one more shot from Tillamook; each one of those cute cows lifts up to reveal information about its breed—darling:

What do you think about images on plywood? You can order standard-sized photos printed on wood, but I’m kind of “meh” about those. When it’s a whole wall? Now that’s a statement. •

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