Progress out back

All right, I wrote about our backyard here, and we’ve been toiling away, so here’s an update on what we’ve done and where we’re headed.

For this wonky space by the garage where the sun doesn’t shine, we decided to place flagstones, and we’re hoping ground cover will fill in the spaces between stones. Eventually a dining table will live here.

This flowerbed is a fun shape, and I planted Euonymus Manhattan along the back; it’s an evergreen that should reach five feet or so. In front of it, I planted pink hydrangeas. I’ll add more to this bed in the future, but I’m taking it slow and making deliberate plant decisions. You know, it’s earth-shattering stuff.

The big project that’s taking a million years and costing about that many dollars is the cedar patio. We originally planned to use Trex or a similar composite product, but we decided that for our house, a wood patio was the better way to go. I’ve heard of other homeowners in town who chose wood and only have to treat it every other year. Also, our contractor suggested letting it weather until it turns the exact color we want, then sealing it with a clear coat—no stain and no color to match down the road. I’ll let you know how it goes.

As a reminder, here is our inspiration pic for the patio:

We love that little railing around the patio’s perimeter—makes it seem so cozy.

But our framer told us he could build a pergola for next to nothing, and a pergola is so dreamy and lovely, the perfect backdrop for twinkling strands of golden lights, warm summer nights, and a little Billie Holiday. I’m curious, though, what you think. Lonnie and I were already set on doing the railing; do you think a pergola would be overkill? I hate anything overly busy. So feel free to share your opinion.

Now I will say that the catalyst for tackling the backyard this year was our puppy Winston. Man, I’ve got a post coming up about all things dog, but we really had to get this yard done because he was tracking mud and dust EV-E-RY-WHERE. We couldn’t stand it and hated being mad at him all the time, so there you go.

But he is cute, isn’t he? A terrible nuisance at times but cute. Same goes for that little boy right there who just passed up his mama in the height department. I can’t believe it.

More photos to come as we wrap up this project. Stay tuned! •

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