A summer challenge for all us moms

Summer! Or should I say summer?! It’s such a mixed bag. I look forward to it with anticipation and anxiety. I’m excited to see more of my kids … and scared to see more of my kids. Around 2:30 every afternoon, when I’m on the brink of lashing out irrationally, I wonder what I need to do differently to make summer more positive for our family.

Well, this year I’m trying something proactive, and I’d love you to play along.

I’ve known for several months that I need to try meditation. I made a New Year’s resolution to make meditation part of my lifestyle, and I tried it—once. I’m serious—just once. It just seemed like such a waste of time.

But I’m a scatterbrain and so short tempered in the summer that I have to do something to center myself. So I’m committing to try meditation for real. I’m committing to meditate at least four times a week and see how it goes.

Want to play along? There are lots of ways to meditate, but I’m striving for three minutes in the morning to start, and all I’m going to do is try to think of nothing and focus on breathing deeply. If I can succeed at thinking of nothing for three minutes straight, it will be a miracle, but that’s the goal.

When my mom gets uptight, she uses an app that helps regulate her breathing by showing when to inhale, how long to hold it, and when to exhale. So there’s that if you’re interested. I’m going tech free because I’m getting increasingly annoyed with the chokehold technology has on life nowadays.

I would love to hear from you if you’re willing to give meditation a go this summer. That way we can cheer each other on while we develop new habits. Here’s to our most patient and sublime summer yet! •

6 thoughts

  1. Hi Rebecca! I stumbled upon your featured House tour and loved all of it!! And now I’m loving your blog! I’m an old house junky myself and my husband and I have renovated a few. Alas, we found ourselves in the Texas panhandle and couldn’t find a great old home on acreage and the acreage won out. Now I’m trying to figure out how to build a new old house if you know what I mean. Weird side note: I swear I took a religion class with you at BYU-I, I distinctly remember your fabulous curly hair.

    Love any idea to increase summer patience. My mantra for this summer is “Only Love Today”. When I start to steam, my kids chant it for me, which either further infuriates me or snaps me out of it ;).


    1. Hey, I love hearing from a fellow historic-home lover! So cool that you’ve fixed up a few——I want to do a few more myself. And I love your summer mantra. I’m hoping to show more love to my kids this summer too. Thanks for commenting.


  2. It’s fitting that I’m reading this today after the first day of summer and I’veven already locked myself in my room to take a time out… I’ll have to give this a try, thanks for the suggestion!


  3. I am an on and off again meditater. Proud to say that I’m currently on a 30+ day streak, which I think is a record for me. I use the Headspace app because I prefer guided meditations (to kinda keep me on track). I also have to say that I highly recommend the books by Dan Harris about meditation, especially 10% Happier – it’s the book that finally got me serious about doing it. It’s actually more of a memoir than a how-to book, so it makes for a light and easy read.


    1. I really like that title——10% Happier. Sounds like it’s a book that doesn’t overpromise and under-deliver, and I love that. I didn’t know you were into meditation; you’ll have to share a few more of your tips next time we talk.


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