See NYC: Live jazz and a good meal too

Before we left for New York, I added, “Go to a jazz club,” to our itinerary. I’m a jazz lover from way back, but to be honest, I was intimidated to actually go to a club—I’m a middle-aged mom who’s just not cool enough for clubs and lounges. I wrote it down anyway and assumed it wouldn’t really happen, but at least I could say I “tried.”

As luck would have it, my friend and honorary tour guide knew just the place for good jazz, so she scheduled a brunch reservation and took us to the coolest, hippest place called Smoke Jazz & Supper Club. Man, what a treat. We ordered from the menu (smoked-salmon scrambled eggs for me) and listened to some of the highest-quality music I’ve heard live in a long time. Most items on the menu were about $25—a great value for a meal and a show.

The vocalist sang familiar songs like “Route 66” and “My Funny Valentine,” and the musicians were out of this world. Backing her up were a pianist, a bassist, and a drummer.

Smoke is a small venue, so the show felt intimate and cozy. If you go to NYC, check it out at 2751 Broadway. You’ll be glad you did!

Have you been to NYC? If you have, what were your must-see sites and things to do? Please share! It’s an enormous city with a million things to do, and we definitely only got a small taste of what the Big Apple offers. Happy weekend! •


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  1. Ah! That sounds like so much fun! So glad you had such a fun and eventful trip. I hope I get to go someday!


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