Happy Easter + two ways to make potted plants look special

It’s Friday! Here are three quick thoughts before your weekend begins:

Don’t plants help a house feel like a home? This miniature daffodil plant is making every day a little brighter for the Pypers. One easy way to make potted plants look special is to add reindeer moss on top of the soil. Craft stores sell bags of it for a few bucks, and the moss will stay fresh and vibrant if you make sure it gets plenty of water when you water the plant.

Another inexpensive way to elevate potted plants is to cover the soil in black or flat rocks. I especially like this look with succulents, and in one of my pots, I layered in gray flat rocks, including a heart-shaped one my little boy picked up for me.

On a totally different note, how do you decorate for Easter? I don’t do much. I pulled this tablecloth out of storage, and here’s a weird story: My grandma and I were going through her cabinets, and when she spotted this tablecloth, she said, “You should have this—it was Grandma Berry’s, and it has really pretty embroidery.”

So we shook it out for a better look and saw the “P” monogram—perfect for the Pypers, but Grandma Retta Berry did not have a “P” for an initial. And neither did anyone else in the family, except Uncle Pug (and with a name like that, it’s safe to assume this tablecloth was not his).

I was convinced this was SUPER creepy and that the tablecloth was haunted or something, so I didn’t want to take it, but Grandma put me in my place and forced me to take it home. This is my first time using it, and I’m glad she made me have it.

The only other new Easter decorations are these cabbage-shaped bowls in the secretary desk. They seemed a good match for my favorite bunnies one of my best girlfriends gave me 15 years ago.

Happy Easter weekend! Being a Christian, I love the hope and happiness of this holiday. And just FYI, next week is Kitchen Week! I have three posts with kitchen-related content coming your way starting Monday. If you have any kitchen-related questions or topic suggestions, please leave them in the comments. •






11 thoughts

  1. Um..that tablecloth is a beauty and pretty funny story. It was meant to be yours. I’m loving blue and white! Can’t wait for your Kitchen Week!


  2. My mom had the same Currier & Ives china. I love it!! She said she got hers a piece at a time with coupons or stamps-I don’t remember if it was from the grocery store or the bank. How did you come by yours? I have a pie plate from the set.


    1. My grandma told me she bought (or earned) it piece by piece from the local grocery store–something about earning credits by buying groceries that she could then apply to the dishes. Isn’t it the greatest set? I’d love to have a pie plate like yours, lucky duck!


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