No closet? No problem!

When you watch a show like House Hunters, one of the most common refrains is, “There’s not enough storage.”

I’m here to tell you that storage should not be a deal breaker when considering a house. In fact, not having enough closets will force you to come up with creative solutions, many that will become assets to your home that you wouldn’t have chosen otherwise.

Consider one of my favorite storage solutions, the dresser. The dresser is not just for the bedroom! I have one in my entryway and one in my living room. I store a host of things inside—seasonal décor, tablecloths, placemats, family photos, children’s books, toys, and the list goes on. If I were to tire of them where they are now, I could move them into a bedroom, but I’ve had them for years and still love them.

I’ve already talked about my love of secretary desks. A dresser, desk, and dish-storage cabinet in one? It’s a no-brainer.

And now, in our master bathroom that had no closet, I needed some kind of storage solution for hairspray, toilet paper, towels, and more. This cabinet cost $600 and was probably the best money I’ve spent in the last year.

The glass makes the piece feel “light” in a narrow space, and even though I worried the cabinet would be too big, one of my girlfriends told me to give it a chance in there, and she was right. The wood warms up all the hard, cold surfaces, and the glass forced me to be more organized and to invest in a few pretty baskets and towels we needed anyway.

So next time you’re house hunting, don’t get hung up on storage space because there are lots of pretty ways to work more of it into your home. And if you ask me, your first stop should be an antique store. •

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