Four things worth loving on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s nice to have a day that’s all about love, isn’t it? While I try to figure out a good gift for my husband (procrastination, anyone?), here are a few things I’m loving:


The best running shoes: I’m a runner with a bum knee, and the only shoe that helps my knee feel decent is the Mizuno Wave Inspire (or Wave Rider). I would go so far as to say this is the only shoe I’ll ever buy for running, unless they discontinue the model someday.



The best running-around shoes: I bought these Saucony shoes as an experiment to see if another brand of running shoes would work for me. They didn’t. But these are my absolute favorite shoes to wear during errands and casual Saturday activities.



A real sports bra: Until a few months ago, I was still wearing a sports bra without any padding (which meant lots of unwanted perkiness in the winter). My sister bought this bra and dropped it off at my house, and I really love it. It has two very thin pads in each “cup,” so I feel much more modest and not completely flat-chested when exercising. I have even worn it under my normal clothes because it’s comfortable and supportive. If you still have the same kind of sports bra you wore in high school, go spend $15 or $20 and buy a sports bra with some padding.



Airedale terriers: Aren’t these just the cutest dogs? Hopefully they’re very well-behaved dogs too because after months of hemming and hawing, the Pypers will be adding an Airedale puppy to our family in three weeks. The kids are out-of-their-minds excited, and Lonnie and I are cautiously optimistic. In three-and-a-half weeks, when I’m up in the middle of the night taking this dog potty, I’ll give you an update on how I really feel.

What are you loving right now? Any products you swear by? And what are you giving your sweetheart(s) this Valentine’s Day? •


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