On the prowl for umbrella stands

Aren’t umbrellas so much fun? My mom has been collecting cute ones for years, and they are just so happy. Living in a place where the weather is often depressing, it’s nice to find something weather-related to be happy about! I own this print, and it’s darling.

I have also started collecting happy umbrellas, and now that I’ve got yellow, red-and-white striped, and classic black, I’m eager to find a way to corral and decorate with them.

So nowadays I’m on the prowl for umbrella stands. After browsing Pinterest, it’s obvious I’m not the first one to extol the virtues of these tall cylinders designed to hold rainy-day staples.







Another cute way to utilize an umbrella stand would be to store wrapping paper. For those of you who love wrapping gifts, this could make a cute addition to your wrapping station.

You know how sometimes really great stuff becomes so popular that it’s not fun anymore? I’m talking about things like sunburst mirrors, globes, oversized vintage maps, and chevron … anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if umbrella stands someday fall into this category, so let’s beat everyone else to the punch and find some good ones early on. •


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