Tying up window-blind cords the easy way

Window blinds can pose a real danger to kids if the cords aren’t properly tied out of the way. But I found an easy, inexpensive way to wrangle those cords using a Christmas-y supply you can find in stores now.

First, I purchased a pack of these Command hooks made for holding strands of Christmas lights.

But instead of using them for lights, I stuck them to the underside of the valance on my woven blinds. This took about one minute per window, no power tools required, by following the instructions on the package. The hardest part was waiting the recommended one hour before hanging the cords from the hooks.

You can see the hook to the right of those white cord mechanisms—it’s clear, so it’s almost invisible.

Here is the hook holding the cord.

If I decide I don’t want these hooks on the blinds anymore, I’ll remove them—no nail holes to worry about. In fact, I had considered using cup hooks originally but was worried because screwing them into the wood part of the blinds seemed like it could be a little tricky.

With the valance down

Wow, that was a fast and easy project, and now my kids are safer too. That’s a win-win in my book.

How do you keep blind cords out of the way? •

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