A designer Christmas

It has already snowed in my neck of the woods (grr), so maybe I’m not jumping the gun too much with a Christmas post. Every year I can’t wait to see what designer Suzanne Kasler comes up with for Ballard Designs’ Christmas lineup.

My favorite Christmas image of all time was her work:


Here is what she came up with last year:

via—that rug is wowzers.

I will never tire of plaid. If you also love traditional Christmas with lots of plaid and evergreens, check out Ballard Designs’ Christmas selections. I am trying to decide if I should buy this garland…


… or if this one would be better (from Grandin Road, not BD).


I’ve always made garlands with fresh greens, but they die so fast that I end up having to make new ones midseason, and I’m sick of cleaning up after them every single day. Which garland do you like better? And what decorations are you looking forward to using this Christmas?

P.S. The Ballard Designs blog is pretty rad.


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