Secretary desks: Why you outta buy one (or more)

I’m surprised I haven’t yet written about my love for secretary desks because I ADORE secretaries. I’ve had this old beauty for almost five years, and I recently made over another one for my daughter’s bedroom. That might seem like more secretaries per capita than a household should have, but I say the more, the merrier.

Secretaries are amazing because they are like three pieces of furniture in one: a hutch or shelf for displaying dishes, books, or your favorite things; a fold-down desk for writing or crafting; and a dresser for storing clothes, linens, or Christmas ornaments. I love old ones that have been painted, like this:


If making over an old secretary isn’t your thing, there are lots of new options available from retailers today. Here are a few cute ones: via





I bought the secretary below at an estate sale for $300 because I love the bamboo motif, and even though you can’t tell in the photos, the glass bows out, and I thought that detail was cool. The secretary was stained dark brown, so I painted it taupe and pink and put it in my girl’s room.

Exterior color: BM Smoky Ash

Interior color: Martha Stewart Ballet Slipper (discontinued)

I make a doll each Christmas for my daughter, and some of them are on the top shelf.

Tell me, what do you think about secretaries? Are they outdated and old fashioned? Or do you share my love for them? •



3 thoughts

  1. I love how you style your secretaries! Those house book-ends are adorable and the dolls are so sweet. I love how functional secretaries are. So cute!


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