Master bedroom before and after

Today I’m sharing photos of our master bedroom—not only does it look totally different, but it’s improved our quality of life.

Here’s how we used to live: Lonnie and I shared an upstairs bedroom with the twins until they were 18 months old. There was an empty master bedroom on the main floor, but it was uninsulated and the coldest room in the entire house. It was dark too, north facing with only one dinky window, and there was no closet. A weird, drafty door with sidelights opened to a shoddy hot-tub room (with no hot tub in it anymore). But we painted the room peacock blue and moved downstairs when we simply could not sleep with the babies any longer, and we just made do.

Progress: A coat of primer, then …

… a couple coats of peacock. 

Making do looked like this: Shower in the basement (for Lonnie) or upstairs in the leaky shower (for me). Retrieve clothes from the babies’ bedroom closet upstairs. Walk downstairs to our bedroom to get dressed. And don’t forget lots of tiptoeing around whenever kids were sleeping.

You might imagine this led to a lot of jaybird-naked running around the house, and our kids should have no questions about the anatomy of adults. (I’m exaggerating, but it’s kinda true too.)

Our room needed some changes, big time. Here’s what it looks like now:

We started by changing the window. Our house has lots of windows, and in almost every instance, two windows hang side by side. I don’t know if the family who built the house just wanted to cut costs or what, but the master bedroom only got one window. So we replaced it with French doors. This alone made the room seem twice as wide.

The bookcases help the room seem wider too. I could not wait to get bookcases in here and to load them up with my favorite books. This room is very “me,” right down to the tree-branch handles on the cabinetry (though there is one Steve Young book in here for Lonnie, ha!).

The doorway to our bathroom is on the right.

Our wall of doors. The one in the middle leads to the living room, and the ones on left and right are closets. This wall is opposite our bed.

I adore rooms painted in one color—walls, trim, doors, and built-ins. So we tried it out in our room with SW Saguaro, a cozy and rich green. It’s my favorite color. Lonnie likes it too, especially compared to the peacock blue.

I have tried to get on the “more is more” bandwagon with bed pillows, but this is about as many as I can stand. The very best place to buy feather inserts is IKEA, where you can get 26” X 26” inserts for $9.99. It’s such a great size for the bed or the sofa, and I’ve been buying them there for almost 10 years.

The design experts advise against taking photos with lights on, but I wanted you to see how cozy the sconces make this room. Any night of the week you can find me in bed wearing my glasses and reading a book or shopping online.

This might be the most transformed room in our house, and I hope it will inspire you to paint a room your favorite color. We got a few comments about how “unusual” this color was, but those people aren’t invited to sleep here anyway, and Lonnie and I are very happy to have our own self-contained space with closets and a working shower nearby.

Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend. •


Ceiling fixture

Wall sconces

Bookcase sconces (similar)


IKEA pillow inserts

Wall paint: SW Saguaro

Ceiling paint: SW Canvas Tan



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