Tiny houses: Could you or would you?

When I drive to work, I pass this interesting jobsite bustling with activity from 8 a.m. to well into the evening. The crews are building tiny houses en masse, and I love watching how quickly they put these houses together and how varied the styles are.

I stopped by the other evening to shoot photos of what they’re doing. Here’s one cool tiny house with a rustic, reclaimed vibe:

If that front door isn’t actually old, it’s a darn good reproduction. I really like the red vertical siding, the black windows, and the metal roof.

Here’s another with a more classic, white-picket-y look:

What do you think about the tiny-house movement? Financial guru Dave Ramsey thinks they’re a fad and therefore not a good investment. But I love the idea of traveling around the country with your home along for the ride. So many jobs nowadays can be done remotely, and a tiny house provides ultimate freedom. That being said, families with a nomadic lifestyle have to homeschool, and I can’t think of anything unhealthier for my own family, ha!

With such a small space, you’d be forced to be creative—in storage, style, function, and more. Living small would also require you to live with only the essentials. I kind of love that idea. Would you ever live in a tiny home? •

2 thoughts

  1. I think the challenge of organization, laying out the space and functioning space would be fun, but I may go crazy after a bit. I think….


  2. I’m too much of an indoor person – I’d go crazy without feeling like I had some room to breath and an option of a couple different places to hang out. I absolutely love the concept, however, and the shift from going as big as you can to as small as you can. Once we finally stop apartment living I know I’ll be looking for a home that is on the cozy side of comfortable.


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