A tub & sink update that’s full of drama

I mentioned awhile back that we were using some antique sinks in our bathroom upstairs, and we decided to repurpose our existing tubs too. The cast-iron tub that was in our main-floor bath was moved upstairs, and the clawfoot from upstairs will be in our master bathroom.

But before being installed in their new homes, the sinks and tubs took a trip to a nearby shop to be reglazed. Here are a few shots:



Even though I’m happy with how things look now, the process was not smooth sailing. The glazing company asked us to deliver the tubs to their shop, which required my husband and his brothers to heft these tubs into and out of a truck (the glazing guys said our cast-iron tub was the heaviest they’d ever encountered). Later, after the cast-iron tub was lifted via forklift through our upstairs window and into the bathroom and was scratched in the process, we found out its reglazing could have been done on site. So that’s annoying.

Also, the company had our sinks for FIVE MONTHS before delivering them for install. That’s a ridiculously long turnaround.

Here’s one of the problems with living in a small-ish town: There just aren’t a lot of options for custom jobs like these. I wouldn’t want to recommend this reglazing company to others in southeast Idaho because my experience wasn’t good, but I’m not aware of anyone else who can do this kind of work. So would I work with them again? Yeah, because I like the idea of refreshing and reusing perfectly good tubs and sinks, but I’d be holding my nose while I did it.


Our master bath is SO CLOSE to being finished, and the tiling is being done upstairs now. Can’t wait to check these rooms off our to-do list. Photos to come. •


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