Ideas for angled ceilings

We have some funny ceilings in our upstairs rooms, so I’ve been looking for good solutions for odd angles where the walls and ceilings meet. Here are a few ideas:

Paint the walls and ceilings the same color. This helps the angles not seem so harsh.


If you love pattern, you can do the same thing with wallpaper. Just continue the paper right over the angles, as Brittany Hayes did here. (Isn’t this bedroom perfect, by the way? Go to Addison’s Wonderland to see more photos.)


Use contrasting paint to set off angles. This option accentuates the angles in a room, turning them into a focal point rather than something to work around.


Add architectural interest with beams, wood accents, millwork, or another entirely different finish.


Hope you have a great weekend; I’m off to run errands like picking up a few square feet of hardwood for a closet and 150 paper plates for our Fourth of July breakfast. Life is good! Happy Friday. •


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