A tasteful display for all.the.awards

My friend’s son recently earned his Eagle Scout recognition, and rather than stitching all those merit badges on a sash or his scout shirt, she picked up three shadow boxes and tacked them inside.

I love this idea! Displaying the badges en masse makes them seem like a work of art—not to mention these frames will be perfect for her son’s office someday.

Originally my friend secured the badges with Glue Dots, but when that didn’t hold, she ordered gold-tipped pins from Amazon.

My boys don’t participate in scouts, but we have other things like basketball-tournament medals that are either on the bedroom floor or tossed in a box. Now I’m scheming up ways to corral those medals in a shadow box too. If you try this project, send me a note and a photo—I’d love to see what you come up with. •

One thought

  1. We did this to display some of Mike’s grandpa’s patches and medals and things from WWII. Pretty awesome. Never considered it for scouts stuff. So glad I won’t have to worry about it with my boys!😆


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