PSA: A stylish way to store cloches

Just popping in for a quick post today. Do you guys love cloches (aka bell jars) as much as I do? I have a couple small ones and one large one, and I love how they elevate whatever you put under them.

The only issue is how to store them. They’re fragile and shouldn’t be stacked, so they eat up a lot of space when not in use. But I spotted this photo on Country Living this week that offers a possible solution. Look at the cabinet on the left:


This isn’t rocket science, but I never thought about storing my cloches on top of a cabinet or my secretary (don’t you love that little secretary desk on the right, too?). It looks like these cloches have bird nests under them, which I like in theory but can’t do in my house because of the germs. Even empty cloches would look good and would add visual height to the room.

Hope this idea is helpful, and if you have a few spare minutes, check out this whole home tour—it’s darn cute. Happy Friday! •

One thought

  1. Just zap those nests in the microwave to kill the germs. You could even nuke a few owl pellets to put in them while you’re at it. 😝 Ew!


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