A new mudroom + inspiration aplenty

The kitchen isn’t the only part of the house where we’ve added on. In the back, we demoed a stairway leading to a basement door and a terrible “toy room.” In their places, we added a mudroom (on the left) and a master bath (on the right).

Lonnie and I are always saying this mudroom is going to be the workhorse of our house, and it’s true. In the past, we had four measly hooks in the kitchen for hanging all our coats, backpacks, and purses. Things got totally out of hand in the winter when we had a pile of stuff on the floor at all times, not to mention a pile of boots plopped in a dirty puddle of melted snow by the door.

In this mudroom, we’ll have lockers (wooden cabinets) on the wall with the window; on the opposite wall, we’ll have about 20 hooks I saved from my son’s first-grade classroom before the school was demolished a few years ago. Our floor will be brick, which I’m hoping will remove most the junk from our shoes before it has a chance to get tracked through the house.

Here are a few mudroom inspiration pics I’m especially fond of:





What else are musts for a mudroom? For those of you with a mudroom, what would you have done differently? And do cabinets in a mudroom take a beating? I’m still debating if I should have them painted (which I prefer) or stained (which would better conceal dings). •



2 thoughts

  1. Everything is looking great on the mudroom so far! I love the idea of brick flooring in there and all the hooks. That room is going to get so much use! Can’t wait to see it come together!


  2. I would go with stain. My painted cabinets look terrible after four years of use. I remind myself that’s what the mudroom is for (to catch the mess before the house), but I still would have preferred stain over paint.


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