Fun & timeless tile for the bath

Let’s talk bathroom flooring today. For those of you seeking a timeless look, there are lots of traditional options that are fun and affordable. Choose neutral shades, and these tiles will look good with a variety of color schemes and for however long you own your house.

First up is honeycomb or hexagon tile, and I especially love black hex. Since white is more common, black is more surprising and a little edgy too. It also looks cute with a few white tiles thrown in to create a border or pattern. One consideration for hex is size; the bigger each tile, the less traditional and more modern it looks.




Basketweave is another pattern that’s been around for a century, and because it’s more detailed than square tile, it feels more special.

via—don’t know what that weird square is in the middle…



Another good option is penny tile. This tile is like hexagon’s hipper, more mod cousin, but it’s still been around long enough to feel timeless.




One consideration with floor tile: The glossier the finish, the slicker the floor will be. For full baths with tubs, showers, and high-gloss tile, a rug or two is really a must.

These three tile styles will be installed in our house soon; I can’t wait to show the “after” photos. And just as a PSA, we bought our basketweave and penny tile from Floor & Décor. This company sells good stuff for good prices, so it’s worth taking a look online and maybe scheduling a road trip like we did to pick up all your stuff. •

One thought

  1. I don’t think I can pick a favorite because these are all so pretty and classic. I can’t wait to see it all come together!


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