Construction update

Here’s the quick and dirty on what happened at our place last week:

Excavation and footings. Two huge holes were dug to make way for new footings. Thanks to my job working with engineers and builders of industrial storage structures, I know how important this step is. If the foundation is weak, the structure will fail. Praying these are done well.

Foundation walls. After putting up forms, the foundation walls were poured atop the footings. Now we can see the outline of our added spaces—such a treat! The photo above shows the foundation for our mudroom and master-bath addition in the backyard.

The aftermath. Our backyard is a total loss. The grass is gone. The backyard fence was yanked to make way for the cement truck, and our side yard was torn up too. On the bright side, because we could remove the fence, we saved money on equipment—the truck just backed in and poured away. No fancy cement pumps or anything to jack up the price. And no trees or bushes were killed, so that’s a plus.

Next up: framing. Can’t wait to see the additions take shape! •

2 thoughts

  1. Looks great! It is fun to see it take shape and the framing is going to really make it seem more real. Woo woo!


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