PSA: The cheap way to get your boys to clean their rooms

I was blessed with healthy, happy, bright children that bless my life in many ways. So I guess I’ll give them a pass when it comes to the disaster that is their bedroom.

I sound so tolerant when I put it that way, but honestly the state of my sons’ room drives me batty. I have tried a host of different things—a dresser for each boy, a shared dresser, extra hangers so plenty are available for hanging clothes, throwing away stuff that’s left out repeatedly, and buying fewer clothes in general. And there’s been a lot of nagging and snarking too.

So it was a revelatory moment when we moved into my in-laws’ basement and the boys got a closet with many, many hooks screwed into the wall. All the sudden they’re hanging their hoodies and dress shirts like champs (probably because it’s so easy—no need to exert themselves by opening a drawer or picking up a hanger).

When we move back into our house, you better believe I’ll be getting out the drill and hanging 20 hooks in their closet. It’s such a cheap solution! Maybe you should try it too.

I haven’t found a solution for socks and underwear yet, but when I do, I’ll let you know (don’t hold your breath). If you’ve got an idea, do share. •

3 thoughts

  1. Ugh, kids’ closets are a joke! I really like this idea. I need to figure out a space we could hang a bunch of hooks.


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