To be or not to be: a dog owner

My oldest son has been begging for a dog for years. We have always told him a dog is so much work, a dog stinks, a dog poops a lot, a dog pees a lot, and a dog sheds. What would we do with a dog when we went out of town? What would we do if our dog escaped the yard? What would we do if our dog bit someone?

These are all good reasons not to get a dog. But he’s been asking for YEARS, people! This is not a phase that’s going to run its course. And now I have a three year old who’s begging for a dog too.

It doesn’t help matters that my grandpa, who I adored, used to say, “Every boy should have a dog.”

Grandpa Cliff + dog

My cute grandpa with his own dog during the 1930s.

So we are seriously considering getting a dog (I can’t believe I actually typed that). And if we are going to have a dog, I want it to be inside because outside dogs seem … mangy (I’m sorry if that offends you outdoor-dog people). My husband has almost come around to the idea too.

Please share with me the pros and cons of dog ownership. Having a dog and the added responsibility would be good for my oldest boy, and I really think he would rise to the occasion. So with that in mind, do you think a dog is a good idea or bad? •

6 thoughts

  1. Kids pee and poop too ^^. Dogs teach children a lot of things first how to be responsible, how to care for an animal when you can’t decide to sleep until noon when it needs to pee/poop. It’s also good for their mental health since they are more relaxed, dogs are an excellent link between shy children and others.
    I think that some people need a dog in their life too. Now that I have my first dog (as an adult) I don’t know how I lived without one for so long. I’m meeting so many new people of all ages. People don’t talk to strangers any more unless you have a dog then everyone talks to you every dog lover is a potential friend.
    The downside: before travelling I need to make sure my usual dogsitter is free and I have some added cost.
    As a parent you’ll probably have to do some tasks your children can’t do to take care of the dog.
    Adopt don’t shop!


  2. We have the same problem.😬 Luckily for me I still have some time because we are renting.(maybe the only good thing about renting. Ha!)
    My uncle has a labradoodle. It’s hypoallergenic and very well trained. If I was going to have an indoor dog it’s one I’d consider. Good luck!


  3. Hello beautiful cousin. Love reading your blog. We have a dog and she’s a great dog, however if I had a do-over, I would really think it through better. The kids were so in love….with the puppy. Now that she’s full grown, they really could care less. A huge downfall for us is we travel a lot for kids sports, and every time I have to pay to kennel her. Adds up quick. My final frustration is that when the weather is yucky, it’s so hard to maintain the floors as she comes in and out of the house. Muddy foot prints, coming inside and shaking off, you get the picture. Don’t get me wrong, I really do love her, just lots of extra work. Love you!


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