An easy way to eat more produce


A cousin of mine started a healthy-mom Instagram feed a few weeks ago, and it is so good. I love her tips, and as a fitness instructor with three kids and a hot bod, she knows what she’s talking about. She shares easy exercise routines at home, quick and healthy breakfast ideas, and most recently, a Healthy Mama 21-day challenge that begins Monday.

My favorite tip she’s shared so far is a trick for getting more veggies into your kids’ bellies (and your own). Hailey suggests prepping a tray full of veggies early in the week; then, when hunger strikes, you pull it out and put in on the counter for your kids to graze. She said, “For me, if food is out, I eat it (whether it be veggies or a pan of brownies), so I try to pull it out whenever we’re eating. We’ll usually go through at least three trays a week.”

This week I filled a tray with carrots, peapods, olives, and baby pickles, and we’ve been munching away on it. Am I still tempted to eat the Cadbury Eggs I got for my birthday? Sure. Did I eat a piece of cold pizza while writing today? Yep. But I also ate about two cups of veggies, so that’s better than nothing for sure! Also, this same idea would work with fruit, if you’d rather.

Follow Hailey’s feed on Instagram at @healthymama_healthyfam, and please do share your best secrets for steering your kids away from junk food and toward fruits and vegetables. •

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