Time to party!

I recently read that one way to find joy during the colder months is to plan something you’ll look forward to, like a party. A party can be fun even for introverts. A get-together with just a few family members or friends might be a better match for homebodies, but large or small, planning a party can be a really good thing.

Celebrate Everything!

via—such a happy cover!

That’s why I was excited to receive Celebrate Everything! from my sister. Written (and illustrated) by Darcy Miller, this book is chock full of ideas for themed parties, favors, sweet touches, and more. It includes a million theme ideas and a million little things worth celebrating, like end of semester, a new haircut, or the tooth fairy’s first visit (such a cute idea!).

You might recognize Miller’s name as one of the brains behind Martha Stewart Weddings, so she’s the real deal. On the pages of her book, the party ideas run deep and are plentiful, which is great for those of us who would rather prepare two favors than ten but like options when planning.

Do you enjoy planning parties? I think sometimes we choose not to host because we feel like everything has to be perfect—invites, food, decorations, music, the smell in our houses, and on and on. Then there’s cleaning and dusting and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. I know it’s hard for me to put myself out there because I’m afraid of people judging what I do because of its flaws.

But when I’m a party guest, I suspect I’m like most of you: grateful for the invite, grateful for good company, grateful to get out of the house, and grateful for food I don’t have to prepare myself.

Maybe we need to be a little gentler and more accepting of ourselves. That’s the only real way to enjoy being a hostess, regardless of if your windows are sparkling or your house is a little crowded.

So if you like planning parties (or would like to like planning parties), or if you know someone who enjoys entertaining, pick up a copy of this book. And start planning a party already! It’ll be good for you and good for those you invite. •

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