PSA: An easy way to hide cords

Do you have a tangle of unsightly cords dangling under your desk or side table? There are oodles of ideas for hiding them, including taping them to the legs of furniture or screwing a little basket to the underside of a desk and stowing them inside.

basket for cords

But here’s another option that takes less than a minute and does not require a single tool. Find a big basket with a lid, tuck your surge protectors and cords inside, close the lid (not too tightly—don’t want to kink a cord and start a fire!), and you’re done. Picnic baskets like mine are ideal since the lid is hinged, allowing it to stay slightly open to accommodate cords. This photo is shot down low so you can see what’s going on under the desk, but from normal eye level, you can’t even see the outlet—just the basket peeking out.

via Country Living


And check out my basket’s twin showcased in the Country Living photo above (check out the full feature for a look inside a cozy winter house).

What do you do to hide cords at your house? •



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