Big-kid beds


Ever since the twins were born, they’ve slept with each other. For the first six months, they shared a crib. After that, their cribs were side by side. And when it was time to convert the cribs to toddler beds, we took off a side rail and pushed their beds together, forming a huge “crib” they’ve been sharing for more than a year.

But it’s the end of an era at our house because the twins are ready for big-kid beds now, and then they’ll start sleeping in separate bedrooms.

I’ve been sad about other milestones, like the last time nursing them and the first day of preschool. But this bed thing seems extra sad because now they won’t be sharing their twin space—something they’ve always shared. It’s the last “twin” thing to go.

Max and Dolly

Cribs, throws, and picture frames—IKEA     Basket—TJMaxx     Crocheted blanket—vintage

When my oldest turned five and 10, I was extra emotional. When my big boys started kindergarten, I was pretty down. But I don’t remember the “baby” milestones being especially bittersweet. Maybe it’s harder when you know you won’t have more babies, when everything is the last time—the last first bite of real food and the last first birthday and the last first lost tooth.

Maybe the good news, though, is that as they get older, it’s pretty fun to see them become their own little people. They get smarter! They get easier to take places! They can help do chores—yes! But I’ll still always miss the sweet baby years.

Tell me, what have been your saddest milestones as a mom? How long did your babies sleep in cribs? And do any of you have children sharing a bed? Do share! •


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