PSA: For women with facial hair

My grandma told me when I was growing up that if I EVER saw her with a chin hair, I better tell her immediately or she would be furious when she found it later. I used to think, Geez, do you really have chin hair?

Well, ladies, we are mammals, so we’ve got hair on our bodies. Grandma has it, and so do I. My husband has no idea, but I’ve been waxing my lip since I was 26. But waxing may be a thing of the past thanks to this nifty guy:



My mom got the R.E.M Spring while working at a dermatologist’s office, and all my sisters borrow it nowadays (okay, maybe not Sister #4, who is only 17).

You bend the spring into an upside-down U shape, hold onto the handles at either end, touch the spring gently to the area with unwanted hair, and roll the handles. The spring grabs ahold of all those fine hairs and pulls them out. Sounds stupid-easy, but it works. Watch a video tutorial here.

Still nervous? Oprah endorsed this thing in O Magazine years ago. I’m wishing I would have found it sooner.

How do you deal with facial hair? Or do you “not have any”? Yeah, I like to pretend I don’t either! •



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  1. Ha ha ha! This was not a post I expected to see on your blog, but I do sure love my spring. I have given them for birthday gifts (even with the risk of offending the recipient 😬 ).


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