Dream-home living: kids’ loft space



Attics are just so special, aren’t they? Romantic, mysterious, secretive, and cozy, they’re the stuff kids’ dreams are made of (and maybe adult dreams too).

I’ve got cool attics on the brain, specifically attics opened up and finished as kids’ spaces. I’m not talking about “attic” beds or bunks with ladders to an upper platform, though that’s fun too. I’m talking about a full-on renovation of an attic to a loft. Take a look at these spaces:






via—This space was made over for grandkids, and the Osborne & Little Coronata Star wallpaper strikes a perfect balance of whimsy and sophistication. You can order it online, and several hacks are available on Pinterest too.



According to our contractor, ship-net “lofts” like the one below are an up-and-coming trend, but they look like a death trap to me. Thoughts?



Have any of you turned an attic space into a loft? What did you do with the space, and what suggestions would you share? •

4 thoughts

  1. Love them. Please make Vi’s room like the first picture!

    Ship net…hmm I think cozy for reading and watching tv. But my thought is always last and functional purpose. How often would the space be used realistically? Is this just a fun trend? Or if you truly see use from it from your family then go for it. It’s a conversation piece for sure.


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