Destination: Inn on the Hill


A few weeks ago Lonnie and I celebrated our 13th anniversary by staying at our favorite getaway place: Inn on the Hill in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Inn on the Hill

We found the inn by accident. Lonnie was trying to find out more about the McCune Mansion on the same block, and when he found the inn online, he thought it was the McCune. So he made reservations and was so disappointed when I told him it wasn’t the place he thought it was.

But neither of us was disappointed for long because Inn on the Hill is legit. An 11-room mansion itself, each of the bedrooms has been updated—while maintaining original features—to include its own en-suite bath, and many have fireplaces too. Our favorite rooms are the Wasatch Mountain and Bryce Canyon, both with a balcony.

Here’s the Wasatch and its view:





The inn is located just a couple blocks from historic Temple Square, great shopping, and good food. It’s beautiful in fall, but in the spring it’s ridiculous. I mean, look at these trees. I die.


The other great thing about the location is that it’s part of the Capitol Hill historic district and just west of Memory Grove Park, which is so quiet, lovely, and secluded. It’s definitely worth a walk or run through the neighborhood.


This place is a bed-and-breakfast, so breakfast is prepared by the in-house chef, and guests get to choose the time they dine (that meant sleeping in for us!).


Anyone else been to this inn? My sister and her homebuilder husband went for their anniversary too and gave it two thumbs up. It’s worth the trip! •


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  1. Rebecca,
    I come from the McCune family! My grandmother, Maria Torres has passed away but she took music lessons there as a child/teen and then grew up to marry Conwell McCune, my grandpa! My aunt knows all the history of the McCune Mansion. My uncle and aunt had their weddimg reception there, its very fancy and I remember feeling like there were spirits of old all around us, I was 9 at the time. I can get the history for you, if you’re interested still. Love your blog!!


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