Stair runners for safety and looks

When I was pregnant with my twins, I fell down the stairs. I wasn’t hurt and neither were the babies, but besides knocking frames off the wall and looking like a complete buffoon, I started getting really nervous about navigating the stairs once the twins arrived. Two babies + two arms = no free hands for breaking a fall.


The wood treads were just too slippery, so stair runners became a must. We installed this carpet, a plaid commercial option that has worn so well and added much-needed grip to our treads. Instead of ordering runners, I selected the carpet at a local shop, had it cut to size, and chose trim for binding the edges.



But I’m considering other flooring options now, and a couple of my favorites are below.



I love a natural fiber, but if you get the wrong one, you end up with little fibers all over your house and all over your clothes (been there, done that, thanks to a bad rug). Also, not all fibers are super strong, and I don’t want to wear holes in the stair runner (here’s one article on the topic).



I love a good animal print, and my only hesitation on this is that it feels a little girly. We Pyper girls are outnumbered 4:2, so I don’t want my house to feel too feminine. On the plus side, the busy pattern should conceal dirt, lint, threads—and maybe candy wrappers and stray socks too? I wish.

Which do you prefer? Do you like stair runners? Or do you think wood treads should be left uncovered?

2 thoughts

  1. Your treads look really great as is, but I like both of the options you are considering. The natural is probably my favorite, but not if it is going to shed. I love stair treads; they are so classy.


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