The playhouse, Part I

To all the couples who work together without killing each other, I tip my hat to you.

My husband and I have been working on a playhouse project that nearly ended our marriage and one or both of our lives. From posts falling within inches of our heads to the base breaking apart, we are done with projects—probably for good.

But with a lot of time and money (and help from my dad), we built a 7-by-8-foot platform. Soon to be perched up there? An estate-sale playhouse that came in predictable red stain. Here she is the day I bought her:


She’s looking pretty now! Check back next week for the “after” shot.

And to all the girls whose husbands are too handsome to be handy, hang in there! This might be the only successful accomplished project of our entire marriage, but it’s a cute one.


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